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Insurance and obviously the use of the car is included in the price, you will only have to pay the lap tickets and bring the car back with full tank.

In the rental price 2 drivers are included, but please at least 2 laps have to be done by each driver. Every extra driver will be charged 45 Euro.

If the track is open, you decide if to drive or not, anyhow if you don’t feel comfortable please come to speak with us.

The hire and normal wear of the car is included together with the standard insurance. You will just have to pay the fuel and the lap tickets.

Yes. We offer it only during VLN free practice

Please come at our office in Südschleife, 5 Müllenbach, one hour before the start of your drive.

Yes, you can but please our cars cannot be used for Taxi laps.

You will just need to bring your driving license and be ready for a thrilling experience !

Certainly yes, please contact us in order to offer you the best option to learn all the secrets of the Nurburgring !

In case you have a crash, please park the car at the side of the track, remain there and call 08000302112 for assistance.

Please check with us the actual insurance policies and note that track charges and recovery costs are not included in the basic insurance coverage.